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[Mobile][Developer] Volumen limit

[Mobile][Developer] Volumen limit

Please consider breaking the connection between volume and volume limit. If volume is set to lowest level and you adjust volume limit below 100%, it turns volume off (mute).

This behavior prevent you to adjust sound level below the lowest level, which is to loud to  sleep in. If volume level was independent, you had the freedom of selecting your own scale.

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I have no idea what you're talking about. What are these two different volume levels you're referring to?

For each speaker you have the option to set "Sound limit".

With "Sound limit set to 100%, lets say that you have 10 steps to set the volume between OFF and loud. that give you a certain granularity.
If you set "Sound limit" set to 50%, the same 10 steps would change the granularity of the loudness button.
Unfortunately that is not the case.
With "Sound limit" set to 50%, you only have 5 steps of granularity.

You're still being very vague. Where are you setting the sound limit? On the Spotify app? On the operating system (e.g., iOS, macOS, Windows) that runs a Spotify client? And what speakers are you talking about?

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