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Monetization on Tiered Web app

Monetization on Tiered Web app

Long time listener first time caller here,


I am building a web application that I was hoping to enable playback of music via the Spotify Web API. I have read the terms a million times and see the examples provided, which means I can't charge a 5$/month membership for access to my app if I use the web API for playback. BUT what they're not clear about (or what I haven't found) is if this is true for tiered apps? Can I have a free tier of my application, open to all users which included playback functionality, and have a paid tier that opens up more functionality of my app, but doesn't change the users Spotify access or functionality? Based on other apps I've seen, they do similar things, so does anyone know if this would be allowed? Or would it get shot down?



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my monetization option not show

my monetization showed account 

please help me

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