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No response from SpotifyAppRemote.connect call

No response from SpotifyAppRemote.connect call


Free/Premium - Free

Country - US



Pixel 6

Operating System

Android 14


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I am integrating the Android API to an app and seeing confusing behavior in the case where the user has not approved Spotify to work with my app. I have the Spotify app installed on the phone and signed in to a free Spotify account. When I make the SpotifyAppRemote.connect(Context, ConnectionParams, ConnectionListener) call, I'm expecting to get a failure response in the ConnectionListener object that I passed in. However, I get no response at all. If I approve Spotify to work with my app and then try this scenario, it connects perfectly and I get the SpotifyAppRemote instance in the callback as expected. 

Does anyone have an idea of why I don't get any response when Spotify is not approved? I really don't want to use a timer to check if the connect call succeeded, but I don't see another way if the call gets no response. Thanks.

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