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Only one of user is getting 403

Only one of user is getting 403

I have a program, which is working for ~4 tester without problems(as in none of them are getting 403) but one of my tester, haven't had the chance to test, because they keep getting 403.
A mutual acquaintance has a test application and the tester can use that program without any issues, and we all three have all check that information is correct (eg. user's email address). I have added them as a user in my dashboard.

I'm using Code Flow with PKCE. If any other information is need, just say so.


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United Stats of America


Personal Computer

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Windows 11

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Hi there and welcome to the community!


There's a few things that could be happening here. From the logs it seems the user is getting 403 trying to get information about playback - which API is causing the error? Can you share the full response you get from calling it?

- Does the same user get 403 for all API calls or just some specific ones?


Does the user have Spotify premium? 

Sorry for the late reply.
So far it seems to be all calls using the bearer token, but have asked them to go through all the calls my application can do. But I know that they get 403 on search and get current track.

Yes, they have premium using the Duo plan. As I haven't had the biggest selection, i don't have another Duo planned premium tester, so I can't say if it is that, that is causing the issue. Or at least to my knowledge, I don't know any other.

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