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Open Source Software on the Car Thing

Open Source Software on the Car Thing



I was wondering if there was a place to download the source code for the software that is running on the Car Thing. Specifically Free and Open Source Software like u-boot and Linux, but also other pieces of code that fall under the same sort of license.


Is there also a way to separately download the update packages for the device?

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There isn't, at least not officially, but go and drop a like on the Idea Exchange post for releasing the SDK, which as recently as October 2022 was made into a Good Suggestion.

With the likes of Google opening the playing field for their Stadia controller now that they're swithcing that service off, let's hope Spotify would allow the community to keep working on this fine piece of tech even if they themselves have stopped the development. It would certainly gain Spotify a gold star on the Sustainable Future scoreboard 😁

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