Past snapshot_id for shared playlist?

Past snapshot_id for shared playlist?

Some context: At the beginning of this year, I started a weekly tradition where friends and I add one song to a shared playlist that we think the group should hear. At the end of the week, I move the songs to a different playlist to archive them, and remove the songs in the shared playlist. Then each person adds a new song for the week to the original shared playlist.


It's been a great way to share music with each other!


I recently got the idea to run some analytics on the shared playlist at the user level (e.g., this person never missed a week, this person added the most punk genre songs, this person added the longest song, etc).


From a development perspective, the first challenge seems to be finding each week's version of the shared playlist. I've been reviewing the Spotify API documentation, and the snapshot_id variable seems like a good start, but is there any way to pull past snapshot IDs from a playlist?


Thank you for reading this far! I have minimal developer experience, but this seemed like a fun project to take on! Very thankful for any and all guidance on the best way to build this.

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Ever figure this out? I'm in the same boat and would like to know if this is possible!

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