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Please continue supporting iOS/Android streaming SDKs

Please continue supporting iOS/Android streaming SDKs

We have been using those SDKs since they became available.


Our particular app (Amazing Slow Downer) lets the user play music more slowly, since a couple of years ago also songs from Spotify. The "ios-streaming-sdk" is a beautifully designed framework that lets an audio developer do practically everything needed.
In our case it makes it possible to access the raw audio samples and this way process the sound and then playback the processed audio using our regular audio playback engine. With your new SDK this is not possible. It might be that the "ios-streaming-sdk" is more difficult to use for an average developer but that also makes it more powerful.


We have many users that uses Spotify. Many users switch from other streaming services such as "Apple Music", Tidal, Amazon Music etc to Spotify just to be able to slow down streaming music in real time.

We believe our app gives Spotify many many new subscribers, so many that it would actually pay off for Spotify to maintain the "ios-streaming-sdk".

We only use "playlist" functions and after fixing a couple of bugs in the "metadata framework" available on github, everything works 100%. Although there are certainly some bugs in the “ios-streaming-sdk”, they are very few and don’t affect our app.


We also have an Android version of our app that uses your Android streaming SDK and it also works very good.


We believe Spotify will loose thousands of users, so many that the minimal cost Spotify need to spend on maintenance will pay off manifold.

Since our app also supports playback and slowing down of streaming Apple Music, many of our users will probably switch from subscribing to Spotify to subscribing to Apple Music.

You write:

"After September 1st, important functionality in the streaming SDKs will stop working."
Exactly what does that mean? What part of the SDK will continue to work?

Please continue supporting iOS/Android streaming SDKs!

Rolf Nilsson
Roni Music

940 Replies

A real real shame to be losing this. There is no other product like it and connecting to Spotify makes it so powerful. This would make my Spotify subscription worth less without this feature...

I join this request!!!!

Lets go,
plz Amazing slowdowner! 

Just tried to use ASD and indeed, not possible for spotify anymore. Looking into some alternate streaming platforms, I know my dad, who plays more music than I do and uses ASD would be happy to switch our family plan. I love spotify, so if support is ever added I'd gladly switch back.

Please fix this, this app was vital and all my playlists are on Spotify. we pay for this subscription why can't you let an app that had no issues run? This was a vital tool that sped up my learning if anything its something Spotify can advertise and profit on with its compatibility to 3rd part apps. please reconsider this SDK and keep ASD working!

Yes. Please let this happen. I really need this to be right again. Why? Just ask this question. How does this affect your bottom line? I has to be negatively. There is no other way to see it. Thank you, Adam

I join this request too!

Let's go!

Just like everyone else here, we will be more inclined to keep and continue using spotify if you will reinstate SDK!

Can't believe they removed streaming! We need it back!

So its gonna be like this?

Fine, ive already been migrating all my music and playlists to SoundCloud. SoundCloud now even has some good Windows app and will support ASD in iOS (from developer Page). Im this close to stop paying Spotify and just get a premium account there. And im sure most of us here commenting share this sentiment. People, they wont change, lets swap plataforms. Spotify only screws artists and users, its been proven now time and time again that they dont care about anything. They havent been for a while now. 

True. I’m currently using Apple Music, and it works.
Bye Bye Spotify!

I tried Apple Music, with my iPad to use the ASD. What did I do wrong?

Slow downer works fine: what is your problem?

This is one of the only reasons I have Spotify. You try to learn Bill Monroe licks at 172bpm Bring this opinion back!  Sincerely Edwin Lightner

Yep thinking of switching, I know many ilegally download mp3s from spotify to webpages so the femoval do not protect the music from being changed or manipulated with.

Please bring back the support for ASD!! 

  • This is just stupid.  I can't understand how anyone benefits from this.  

We just became Spotify members and I was bummed to see that Spotify no longer works with the ASD app 😢 My son benefits from slowing down songs he is learning,  and just found several albums of the books he is learning on Spotify.

bring it back please. I will be considering other streaming options.

Spotify does not care in the least that they have negatively impacted thousands of musicians and music students throughout the world that had a practice workflow that combined Spotify playlists with ASD to change key or tempo easily- This despite the fact that the creator of ASD is also Swedish

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