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Potential Business Partnership

Potential Business Partnership

Dear Spotify Official Staff, 
      We, as developers, want to develop a social Karaoke app similar to Smule or Starmaker. After searching the "Spotify for Developers"  Website (Home | Spotify for Developers), we found Spotify is open to some business corporations as shown below.  
      So we wonder about the below points:  
     1. Is there a possibility that we can make future business corporations? Can we use the resources in Spotify to develop our new social Karaoke app? 
     2.  If yes,  can you share more details?    


3 Replies

Hi Daniel,

I am not a Spotify Employee, but I think they will not accept this idea, because they don't allow game apps. You can read this here.


Dear Ximzend, 

  thanks for your reply. It is about a new singing app instead of game. By the way, do you know how to contact the spotify emmployee in this community board. I have sent e-mail to spotify, they told me that the only way to contact spotify concerning the spotify for develpers details is through this community. 



It's an exciting venture you've got there! While I'm not a Spotify official, I can share my experience. It's awesome they're open to partnerships. I'd recommend reaching out directly to Spotify for Developers for the nitty-gritty. They're usually super helpful in guiding devs. If the venture works out, you can use CRM for instagram for more efficiency in the promotion. Best of luck!

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