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Prohibited Applications Questions

Prohibited Applications Questions

I had some questions about the Spotify prohibited applications, specifically:

  1. Do not create a game, including trivia quizzes.
  2. Do not create any product or service which is integrated with streams or content from another service.
  3. Do not synchronize any sound recordings with any visual media, including any advertising, film, television program, slideshow, video, or similar content.
  4. Do not permit any device or system to segue, mix, re-mix, or overlap any Spotify Content with any other audio content (including other Spotify Content).

Here are my questions: 

1 - I am mainly wondering if there would ever be a situation where exceptions would be made to these rules. Partnerships? Exceptions if changes were made to designate specific media from Spotify? Anything at all?

2 - If I very clearly showed that the songs being played were from separate services could I make an app that allowed users to create playlists from two different services (it is so annoying to have to switch between services and I really would love to be able to put songs from two different services into a playlist together). Perhaps a Spotify logo and link on every Spotify in the playlist?

3 - If the visuals synchronized were generated in the app itself and not ads  (ie the visuals were meant to complement the song?) would this be ok?

4 - I have seen apps that allow you to DJ your music and have Spotify integration. If there is no audience can you DJ songs?


These restrictions feel extremely limiting to what people can create and the experiences with music that are able to be brought into the world. This feels quite sad to me. 



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