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Publish personal app which uses Spotify API on App Store?

Publish personal app which uses Spotify API on App Store?

Hi! I'm developing a fun music game and am using Spotifys API to play short music bits, get album art and user information. I now want to publish this on Apple App Store, is this possible (and legal)?


I don't know if this is the correct place for this post. If not, please tell me and I'll move it. 


Thank you! 

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Of course, publishing third-party apps is legal, but in your particular case, you may break the terms of service - as far as I remember it prohibits "games" (trivia, etc.) that use Spotify's data.




Yes, it looks like I'm breaking the Developer Policy then... Is there some way to get approval from Spotify to continue development or do I have to drop the project completely? Thank you. 

Don't bother asking - they will not answer. On the other side, I think they will not bother to deal with you or even get to know you if you're small and gonna make millions out of your app. My suggestion - go and publish and see how it will go. I see Spotistats app in the market (app naming violation) and my app Spotify Uncharted also directly violates the naming policy but lives well since January... 

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