Questions about the API TOS

Questions about the API TOS


So I just want to preface this by saying that this might be a longer post. I'm planning on making an application thst relys heavily on the Spotify api. I have three questions in total that follow. 


Okay so the first one is about your caching rules. I would like to know if I can only store the data on the device on a session to session basis. Or if I can store say user playlists or liked songs on the device in a Sql database. I'm not sure on your rules about keeping user data on the device or if you have to redownload it every session.


My other question is if I am aloud to use the API in my app as if it were a music playing app. Like having a search bar, user playlists, being able to search, like songs, edit playlists and such. I'm not sure to what extent we are aloud to use and integrate this api into our song.


Another factor that could change the answer is that I would be planning to charge monthly for this application. 


Thanks in advanced, any help means alot 😄

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