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Queue not updating when changing playlist

Queue not updating when changing playlist

Queue is not updating when playing playlist on the webplayback sdk.

this problem was issued by a user a long time ago (API-and-Transfer-playback-wrong-behavior)  and was fixed for the webbrowser , windows app and the mobile app. 
However if you use the webplayback sdk it is still there.
To reproduce this : 
1. play a playlist on a device running the sdk (Im using an iphone to run the sdk on a webview)
2. look at queue
3. add track to playlist
4. look at queue not changing
I have found that if the browser version of spotify is opened while playing through the sdk device then the queue does update as it should .
I believe this is due to this request being sent :'webBrowserDeviceID'/to/'sdkDeviceID'

I would love some help on this since the app that im working on is completly useless unless this works.

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