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Quota extension rejected

Quota extension rejected

I have submitted quote extension request to Spotify and got rejected with 2 points.

  • The Spotify Platform can not be used to develop applications that modify Spotify Content.
  • The Spotify Platform can not be used to develop commercial SDAs
Point 1: I am almost sure that I am not doing any Spotify content modification in my app. No audio modification with bass boosting or equaliser. But they are claiming I am modifying content.
Point 2: I am providing Spotify services in my app to both free and subscribed users of my application. That means free users also can listen to Spotify music from my app. There are no restrictions, not forcing the users to subscribe to our app if they want to use Spotify, made it totally free to connect to Spotify.
But Spotify team is claiming that i am using commercially! What it could be? What they meant actually?
Is there any way to contact with them? I have replied in the same rejection mail but no response from their site.
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