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Quota extension request rejection and further communication

Quota extension request rejection and further communication

I received a notification that my quota extension request was not approved for my website using data received from Spotify API. The message contains general reasons why, of course. But the website has a lot of features, and I don't know which ones I need to change to be approved.
Is there any way of getting more detailed feedback on which specific things caused the violation of rules?  (I've texted back to the rejection email, but haven't gotten any feedback)


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Same boat: but since I'm not new to deal with stores and API approvals I just submitted a very bugged incomplete version of my project to check their process and times (and eventually stop the development if I feel that they don't really believe in supporting 3rd party apps).
In my case I received the [expected] rejection after just few days but the feedback was 0. Nil. Niet.


I can't find any other developer sharing their experience and there is no trace on here of a showcase of approved apps.

My feeling is that they (Spotify) are in a transition period and not sure if they are going to keep their API around.

Feel free to share here your project or drop me a PM if you would like to let me check what are you up to.

Or Discord is always a decent alternative to the official forums/communities.

In any case good luck with your project .

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