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Rate limit increase?

Rate limit increase?



United Kingdom



AWS Platform


Operating System

Amazon Linux / Python / SpotiPy


My Question or Issue

Hi there!

I am currently developing an app that needs to make extremely regular calls to the Get Playlist Item endpoint (  in bulk – at a rate of approximately 800,000 to 1,000,000 requests per 24 hours.


As such, I'm currently being rate limited and receiving lots of 429 response back, throttling the service and massively slowing down the processing that my app is able to do. 


Would it please be possible to receive a rate limit?


Thank you,


3 Replies

I'm just wondering if there has been any follow up on this please?


Any help from the Spotify team would be appreciated!


Thank you!


Do you actually need to poll the tracks that often (10 per second)?


If you are checking if anything has changed since the last call, you could cache the snapshot_id for each playlist, and only requery tracks if that has changed?

I noticed the same thing lately in our app; there seems to be a lot more throttling from Spotify's API. For instance, yesterday, our app was heavily throttled from around 6:15pm eastern until 10:30pm.


Our app polls the currently playing track every second, the `retry-after` header was giving us a number between 12-15 seconds; 429 occurred every 30 seconds or so.


I'd love to get more transparency as to what is the expected usage (calls/seconds) of the API.

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