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Rate limit unreasonably high after one single 429 response.

Rate limit unreasonably high after one single 429 response.

Im currently developing a web application utilizing the spotify web api. At first I didnt completely read through the documentation and soon encountered 429 errors. As I didn't have any mechanisms implemented to prevent my application from requesting after a 429 error, my application made a bunch of requests which skyrocketed the amount of time my rate limit was applied. (like almost 48 hours). So I used the time to change my app to take the rate limit into account. Now it blocks requests to the url after the first 429 error for the amount provided in the 'Retry-After'.


So after these 48 hours I tested it and made a bunch of requests, which resulted in a 429 response. My application stopped as soon as the first 429 response was received. But the value of the Retry-After header is about 21 HOURS. So is there a way to detect the rate limit before a 429 response is provided? Or will my application just be locked for 21 HOURS everytime I violate the rate limit for ONE SINGLE TIME?

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