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Redirect URI needed?

Redirect URI needed?

I just started working with Spotify's Web API and am using Python/Spotipy to retrieve data. If I want to retrieve data related specifically to my personal account (like recently played tracks or saved albums), do I need to set a redirect URI in my application settings? If so, what's a quick and easy URI that I could use?


I'm not building a public facing application as of now - I just want to retrieve historical data about my own Spotify usage. So I'm following the examples posted on Spotipy's GitHub (like this one: but I'm getting the following error:


"SpotifyOauthError: No redirect_uri. Pass it or set a SPOTIPY_REDIRECT_URI environment variable."

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is there a way for the response to be in a gui instead of the terminal? I want to make an application using spotipy but it always opens the terminal to paste the response code

@Glimpseman, then you should add a :port number to the redirect uri. Don't forget to add it to the dashboard of your app also.

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