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Remote-Control API Monetisation Request + Users/Rate-Limits Query

Remote-Control API Monetisation Request + Users/Rate-Limits Query

Hi there,

I’m developing an app that uses the Spotify Developer API. I wanted to ask about rough rate limits, as well as make a special request regarding monetising my app whilst using certain API endpoints.

My app is a running app, designed to help you find your flow by dynamically queuing music that is at a consistent BPM, whilst still tailored to your tastes. It doesn’t compete with Spotify’s platform and would incentivise users to get Spotify Premium if they don’t already (since it would only be usable with a Premium account).


I want to use the remote-control API, in order to serve up a dynamic queue of music to the user's spotify app playing in the background. This would let the speed be tweaked mid-run and allow skipping of songs that didn't fit the user's running tastes. I would love to be able to monetise the app, and justify a greater effort with excellent production quality, but I know that this API was not listed as monetizable. I was wondering why that is, and if there was any way I could apply for an exception to this rule, working aligned with Spotify's interests for mutual benefit? I would be more than happy to make my app adhere to more stringent guidelines, conditions, reviews or tweaks from Spotify!


Finally, what kind of numbers of users and rate limits exist for the apps in the extended quota mode? I know it's likely you don't want to reveal the exact limits, but in order to know what kind of scope my app might have, can you tell me what order of magnitude I'm dealing with? In particular, what are the orders of magnitude for a) max number of users signed in to the app, and b) max requests per second over all the users (aka ~1,000? ~10,000? etc).


Thanks so much for your time.

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