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Response code Forbidden

Response code Forbidden






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We integrated the Spotify Web API into our system. For approx 2 months everything was working fine until last week.

I see a lot of errors on the calls we do. E.g Get user's available devices api call give sometimes the response code 403 (Forbidden). Approx 10% of those calls result in this error response. 90% goes well.

This was not the case until a week ago.

Is there any reason for this?

I don't think the quota is exceeded. Our App Status is showing: "Granted quota extension"

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Does the http response body contain any data?

No, only the text : Forbidden

Ensure you're authorized for the required scopes.

Yes I'm authorized, otherwise I would get Response code 401 (Unauthorized).

Here I'm receiving Response code 403 (Forbidden - The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.)

My application is running now for 3 months and before 2 weeks ago I did not get any errors.

Has Spotify changed something? Is there a restriction on the API calls?

In general 403's indicate that the action is not allowed for the specific user because the API call requires a Spotify Premium subscription.

All the Player APIs that controls playback has this documented in the API reference:
"If the user making the request is non-premium, a 403 FORBIDDEN response code will be returned."

If you can confirm and reproduce that a premium user is getting 403's when calling the Player APIs please provide more details about which API you're calling. You can also PM me your client ID and we can investigate it, but please verify that this isn't free vs premium issue first.

Hi Ohej,


We use a Spotify Premium subscription, ohterwise none of the calls would work.

We use several APIs (Player API, Albums, Playlists, ...). The one most used is /v1/me/player/devices in Player API. This is called in our app every minute.

But I have also noticed the same 403 response with other API calls like /v1/me/player/ in Player API and some others.

P.S. I sended you a PM message with our client ID.



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