Search API returns wrong total amount of results


Search API returns wrong total amount of results

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I'm calling the following URL to search Spotify for artists:


The result contains 20 items with a total value of 87. The "next" url has an offset of 20, so I would expect to have five "pages" in sum, the fifth and last one containing only seven items. But that's not the case. Requesting the fourth page with offset 60:


gives only 7 items. The response also contains a "next" link with an offset of 80 but this gives an empty list of items. So 20 items are missing or the total number is not correct.


Am I doing something wrong here or is this actually a bug? Other artists also show wrong looking total numbers. Searching for "Opeth" with a limit of 20 gives one item yet a total value of two...


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Casual Listener

I've noticed that too. This is obviously a bug. Please fix it.

Casual Listener

I found that this bug has already been reported in the old bug tracker on github about half a year ago, but without comment 😞 Apparently this was already reported (and even fixed) one more time in 2016 here

Does really nobody want to look after this issue?