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Hi, I have a question about the time_signature value in the section portion of the analysis object.  We are currently doing some research on song tempo and on about 20% of the songs we sampled, the time_signature value is 1.  A value of 1 seems unusual, since one never encounters a 1 in the numerator of a time signature in sheet music.  Further, when we calculate the time signature for these songs by counting the number of beats (from the beat portion of the analysis object) per bar (from the bar portion) based on the start times and durations of the objects it comes out to be either 3 or 4.  Can someone explain why the time_signature value is 1?


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Late to the party, wondering if any more info Available on this- tools to grab, steps to follow. I tried my first api-test yesterday with rapidapi and music db, but needed to register a card to get token & subscribe to free sub  



Is there a gist or a codepen or anything to show your working ?


GREAT question 👍👍👍

Hi, same here.

I got a range of time signatures from 0 - 5. around 1% of tracks have a 0 time signature, which does not make sense, either.

That's wild that Spotify even includes Time Signature data in its API, I had no idea. From some testing, it was ok at identifying songs in 5 but didn't get any of the songs in 7 correct. And it doesn't even support any higher time signatures like 9, 11, 13, or 17, so I wouldn't personally look to do much analysis with this. Maybe the rudimentary and often inaccurate info is useful for you, though. 

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