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Some API calls currently don't support "locale" param

Some API calls currently don't support "locale" param

Some API calls currently don't support "locale" param. Calls with local content should have this "locale" param.

Some calls such as Get User's Top Items, artist name, title name and album name should be localized. For now, if I included locale param, I'll get a 400 invalid request error. So I have get local content by sending another API call but this will increase server costs.

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Do you mean 'market'? But yes, not every endpoint has the market parameter.

No, I mean locale, for example: locale=zh-CN, in different locale,  artist name, title name and album name might be different.

I tested some more API calls, it seems currently locale param won't affect playlist name, description and image.

For example, when I use the param locale=zh-CN, I still got English title and description instead of Chinese ones.

And the image is also the English version (, this should be replaced with Chinese version (

I also tried some other locales such as fr-FR, but still not working, only returns English version.

FYI, with locale param, other responses (track info, album info, artist info) are localized, only playlist title, description, and image are not localized.

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