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Spotify API doesn't update Follower Count

Spotify API doesn't update Follower Count

Hi I checked my artist on the Spotify Console and with the Desktop it doesn't update the follower count when I follow it. I checked the popularity index it's currently at 16. I made a test and followed a local band, that doesn't get many followers per month, that has currently 319 followers > Clicked on Follow > Checked the number with the Console and Desktop App: It turned to 320 instantly.

I checked the popularity index for that band it is 24.


So my band gets like 20 Followers a day, because I make instagram advertisements, and today i checked it mid-day (because I'm checking my numbers like very 30 mins. I'm a number junky) .. it went from 999 Followers to 984. 984 was the count of day before..

So I also followed a big artist like Lil Wayne and the follower count in Console and Desktop App doesn't change in real time...


My question is this: Does Spotify separate "busy" and "non-busy" accounts when updating the follower count? Does it change from real time to a daily update when a certain threshold of follows occurred?

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