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Spotify DJ?

Spotify DJ?

As the subject ask is it possible to use Spotify as a DJ, since you can buy Spotify for commercial use (company).


This is more for personal use as well, since some songs have long intro or outro. You are able today to make the end of the song fade, so why wouldn't it be possible to have your own personal playlist, more personal?


The example I am going to use is Billie Eillish - Bad guy. That song is bomb, but the last part is like a new song and far different from the fist part of the song. This would be great instead of always picking up the phone or any device really and change song, it would just fade to the new one in the playlist.


There could be an extra payment plan for this since it is a large feature, but is just enough for a new experience for the ones that would like to fix their passion for music.




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