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Spotify Play button is not accessible when tabbing


Spotify Play button is not accessible when tabbing


I'm a developer who's integrated your compact Play button into my website, but today I've been conducting an accessibility audit and have found an accessibility bug. When tabbing through the website, although the iframe is tabbable, there is no onFocus style applied to any of the buttons in the frame. This means the user ends up in a sort of tab hole, where it is unclear where they are focused on, and unclear of what the behaviour will be if they select the focused button. It's also hard to click out of this, because if you select the play button, there's no way to pause the music and instead you get directed to Spotify. You can see here at my website in the 'Tokyo Drift' or 'Joie de Vivre' sections, but there should be the same problem wherever this iframe is used across the web.


Accessibility is not only ideal, but a legal requirement, so please could you look into this? Thanks



Chrome, desktop