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Spotify Song Radio API

Spotify Song Radio API

Can the API please incorporate some form of function for accessing a track's "Song Radio"? This would be very helpful! 


4 Replies

There is a API endpoint called Get Recommendations where you can input a track id as a seed. You can try it out here.

I am aware of this, however, I find Song Radios generally tend to be more accurate particularly when looking for songs in certain genres. Get Recommendations to go off all Liked Songs which is typically a wider range of genres 

Thanks for sharing the feature request, @chris__t22!

Can you tell us more about what you would build using a song radio API?  Would you be looking to start playback from song radio or are you hoping to fetch a list of the song radio tracks?

I am not a developer - just a guy with an idea, so please be gentle. Would it be possible to get data on songs included in a radio playlist so that I could look for patterns that might indicate what songs are likely to get picked for Spotify radio?

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