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Spotify Web API "Update Playlist Items" Endpoint HTTP PUT Returns 405

Spotify Web API "Update Playlist Items" Endpoint HTTP PUT Returns 405


Free and premium plans are affected



United States



Google Pixel 7 Pro


Operating System

Android 14


My Question or Issue

I've been using this endpoint for about four years to replace the contents of an existing Spotify playlist.


Web API / References / Playlists / Update Playlist Items

PUT: /playlists/{playlist_id}/tracks


On this May fourth, this endpoint began returning HTTP 405 "METHOD NOT ALLOWED" for PUT requests.  It still operates as documented for HTTP POST requests according to "Add Items to Playlist".


This issue has continued through today at least.  I was able to verify my parameters and accounts have not changed, plus I verified using another test account.


This seems like a concrete bug since the behavior changed and the documentation is very specific that the HTTP PUT method should be support.  Thanks for getting this fixed!


For others that are affected and while also acknowledging Spotify isn't quick to provide support - if ever - there IS a work-around.  The "Remove Playlist Items" endpoint can be used to remove items prior to adding them a whatever changed form is required.  I'm using this now to keep my systems running until we hear back from support.

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I had the exact same problem, no changes to my code and suddenly the request does not work anymore. I encountered the problem the first time on May 2nd.

Turns out my library used the endpoint "/users/{user_id}/playlists/{playlist_id}/tracks"

I changed to "/playlists/{playlist_id}/tracks" and now it works!

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