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App review and quota extension

App review and quota extension

I know it states review can take up to 6 weeks or longer but I applied for mine back in February and it's been over 12 weeks with it being in the unreviewed/undecided stage.


Just wondering if anyone applied at the same time I did or after it and got a response by now? If so, does that mean I should withdraw and reapply again?

3 Replies

March 13th here, nothing yet. 

I applied in January and got approved in April. My app is very simple, all it does is search for tracks and create private playlists. I applied for a different app at the start of April, I think it will take longer because of the extended scope. 


I noticed that my approved app wasn't actually accessed by anyone at Spotify before they approved it, which is weird. They didn't actually test it themselves. Maybe they just look at the incoming requests on their side. 

So finally got rejected but it doesn't make sense. I use the audio analysis to turn it into sound waves and sell it as wall art. Based on the TOS is this not considered a non-streaming SDA and can be used for commercial use? The email stated:


  • Modifies any Spotify visual content, e.g. cropping album artwork, overlaying images on album artwork, placing their brand/logo on album artwork
  • Do not build products or services which are targeted for use by businesses, such as in-store or by retail employees

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