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Spotify Web Playback SDK device connection issue

Spotify Web Playback SDK device connection issue


iPhone 13, Windows, raspberrypi

Operating System

iOS 16, Windows 11, Raspbian


My Question or Issue

Unable to connect to web playback sdk on all but my iphone. The server launches with no errors:


Starting the development server...
Compiled successfully!

You can now view web-playback-sdk-sample-app in the browser.

Local: http://localhost:3000
On Your Network:

Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, use npm run build.


When webpage is open on my desktop, where server is running, the webpage prompts me with:


Instance not active. Transfer your playback using your Spotify app


But I am unable to connect a device from spotify app on both PC and iphone. However, when the webpage is open on my iphone, I can connect from the app on my iphone only and for a very brief window. after connecting it plays fine but quickly disconnects (as the webpage is unloaded is my guess). when opening the webpage again on my iphone, the music can be played or paused, but not skipped.


I was able to use an ipad to connect properly. 


Ideally, I would like to run this on raspberrypi and have it played from my phone. I even tried to run the webpage on a raspberrypi and was still unable to connect from any device.


What I tried:

-Different system

-Different browser

-Different mobile device


Why can I not connect from any device to a PC?

Why will it only connect when run on my apple mobile devices?




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