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Spotify connect no longer works!

Spotify connect no longer works!

Hello, I can no longer connect to my demon AVR RECEIVER FROM THE SPOTIFY APP USING WI FI. I can only connect via Bluetooth which will interrupt the music playing when a phone call comes in or you watch a video on YouTube where before it would not. I’ve troubleshooted network and AVR updates and everything is current and working. I’m using an iPhone and am a premium member. Please look into this. I loved connecting to my AVR via wi fi so I could take my phone outside of the Bluetooth distance and still get phone calls without music being stopped.




2 Replies

Ensure that the firmware of all components used (such as your product, router, smartphone, Spotify app) is up to date. - Check if the smart device with the Spotify app is on the same network as your product. - Ensure that you have a Spotify Premium account registered in the Spotify app you use.


@Bsalts1470 This could be the same issue that we are seeing in our product.  In our case, we have traced it down to an issue with Spotify DNS records at ISPs returning the wrong result.  Google DNS appears to have the correct records.  Can you try changing the DNS that your home router uses to and test it again?

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