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Spotify desktop client not submitting data to the API

Spotify desktop client not submitting data to the API





The Netherlands



Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue
Straight to the point. My spotify client isn't sending nor receiving data from the api and spotify connect.


Yes i've checked my firewalls and yes i have tried turning it on and off again. All of the obvious solutions i have already tried.

The weird thing is; the issue occurs when joining a listening party on your phone and after connecting with another desktop client, it brigs itself. That "other" desktop client was my laptop, which still works. However, i had my pc on at the time with the spotify client open, and that client (that i did not use for the listening party) is now broken.


I can still listen to music online and search for songs, but whenever i look on my phone, the song i'm listening to on my desktop will not show up. I'm also not able to see it in the spotify connect tab.


Long story short, every device i own communicates to each other just fine, except for this one.


Possible fixes i've tried:

-reinstalling the client

-uninstalling, restarting, installing

-wiping appdata userdata

-changing firewall settings for s/r



Below an image of two browser clients and the broken desktop client, one web client is playing music, the other one is syncing with it, and one desktop client playing music separately and not receiving any data that's being sent by the two browser clients.

All on the same account. (also take a look at the connect tab)


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I came across the same problem. Does anybody know if this is a bug or a new feature, 🙂

i sure hope it's not a feature. i am not able to use any API reliant applications (like my own) on the desktop client.

Same problem

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