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Spotify for artists API

Spotify for artists API

Hi all, 


I am in the process of working with the Spotify API and am wondering how I go about allowing an artist to login and see their own tracks. I was thinking that perhaps all Spotify accounts are linked to Artists once they get an artist profile created? Am I able to get the artist to login using their Spotify details, grab their ID and then do a search for that ID via the artist endpoint? Or are artist profiles/logins separate and is there any way to achieve this?




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Is this something Spotify is developing?  +1

+1 just for the authentication of an artist 

Is it possible to compare the ID of the user to tell whether the user is/isn't an artist? Or are they completely separate data fields?

Hi buddy, did you find an API on this topic?

Any news?

I am wondering if there is an API service available for artists. I contacted live support through the Spotify for Artists application and explained my request in detail, but I have not received any response. This is because Spotify only provides the API key service through the Spotify application.

I want to obtain real-time listener data (at specific intervals, for example, every hour) from my personal Spotify artist account using an API key. Could you please provide an informative response on this matter?

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