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Spotify web api : event/item_ready or resume queries error 400

Spotify web api : event/item_ready or resume queries error 400






windows browser

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windows 10

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This problem made me crazy, I have to present my app in 2 days, today morning everything was working well, then after lunch, without touching anything I have the event error and my app doen't work anymore this is very very frustrating.

The errors happen when I call the Play endpoint of the spotify Api :





$("#playSong").click(()=> {
        const deviceId = sessionStorage.getItem("deviceId")
            url: ""+ deviceId,
            type: "put",
            data: JSON.stringify({
                uris : ["spotify:track:0adsXJdRMoumQY1ECzEjWf"]
            headers: {
                "Content-Type":"application/json" ,
                Authorization: "Bearer " + sessionStorage.getItem("idPlateforme")





Token and deviceId are correct and working fine.

The query above returns a success response, though it seems that the web playback sdk sends internally 2 queries that returns 400 not every time

the first query :

with these datas :










Its error message is this : 

Playback updates are only acceptable once the playback has started

The second one which also returns 400 error :

with datas :










everything was tested on a simple HTML page like the example here on all known browsers  :

and still doesn't work on any

I know it's nothing to do with MY code, a possible bug ?

I attached my working test (assuming someone changes the token)

Please I need help 

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