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Unable to register my account in the Developer Dashboard

Unable to register my account in the Developer Dashboard

Plan: Premium

Country: EE


Device, Operating System

Macbook Pro, OSX


My Question or Issue

I am unable to register my email into my app that I have created in Developer Dashboard.


I add my email and my full name under "Users and Access", but all API calls continue to fail with 403 "User not registered in the Developer Dashboard".


* I have also tried my username (which is a series of numbers) instead of my Full Name, and still no luck.

* I created a new app, and still no luck.

* I have created a new (free) user, and API calls succeed with that user. Which is great - but, I would like to use it with my main (Premium) account instead. The new user


I'm starting to suspect that this is specific to my account because I am able to log in with both Facebook and with email+password.

So I assume I have double credentials, and the "Users and Access" feature is unable to differentiate my user with two different authentication methods.

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Unrelated feedback: "The user is not allowed to play on this clientInstance" is not a good error message to give to a Free user, when they try to use Webplay SDK.


I assume this unnecessarily technical error message means that it is unavailable because the Webplay SDK is only usable by Premium users?

On which account did you fill in the name and email address of the premium account?

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