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Unauthorized error while creating a playlist

Unauthorized error while creating a playlist

Hey everyone, i'm facing a couple of problems and would like to seek help.
Im trying to write a bot that will edit and update my playlists based on other public playlists( add / remove songs on a dailyt basis).
I am using the spotify-web-api-node package by Michael Thelin ( .

I have obtained an access token and managed to get some basic information about artists, albums etc. but whenever I try to perform some sort of a POST request (such as createPlaylist) i recieve the next error:

WebapiRegularError: An error occurred while communicating with Spotify's Web API.
Details: Unauthorized.

I am not sure if i'm doing everything right or not concerning the whole authrization proccess.

I would love to hear insights from professionals, Thank you in advance
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Hi @omershafrir! Do you know which OAuth flow that you have implemented in your app? It looks like spotify-web-api-node supports three of them: 

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