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Unclear ban of integration with chatbots

Unclear ban of integration with chatbots

I'm looking for an explanation on an ambiguous prohibited use case, and a more reasonable way to appeal on a quota extension rejection without refilling the entire form and waiting for an automatic response that does not explain the inconsistencies in that process. Thanks in advance.


So my app got rejected for the following reason:

Developer Policy III. 5. Do not create any product or service which is integrated with streams or content from another service.


This seems to contradict the first sample use case listed on Spotify's own website  - integration with content from messaging services. Not only that but it specifically mentions my app's use case: "If your app supports bots that can be invoked by / or @ commands, you can make sharing music easy."


Having reviewed the use case examples I assumed that developer policy clause referred to integration with competitive services or explicitly reserved some right to reject certain services, and does not refer to a ban all integration with services.


Not only that, but similar integrations with chatbots on Twitch have been approved by Spotify and have already been in use, in good faith I'm sure. Here's an example for a bot that provides Spotify users with commands to share their currently played track, to modify their player state and more. Here's another example for a service that facilitates an API to fetch the currently played track as a command for popular Twitch chatbots.


I assumed the first rejection was because it was suspected to be used by some Twitch streamers who stream music illegally, so I emphasized the chatbot only allows Spotify users to interact with their own accounts (it doesn't invent any capability that isn't already in Spotify), and went as far as to state the bot would prohibit the use of Spotify commands when the chat room is of a live stream, and only enable them when the channel is offline and the chat room is only a community chat, basically a messaging service. That didn't help.


The second rejection quoted the same clause, with a manual comment that says the same thing with different words: "The application is integrated with other services (e.g. Twitch) in a way that is prohibited according to our terms and policies". What way is that?

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We are in a similar boat - we are trying to display a users currently playing track as a status, and got the same reason in our denial:

"The product or service is integrated with streams or content from another service." - Incidentally, his describes almost every page on the internet.

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