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WatchOS app can't open

WatchOS app can't open


I am creating a stand alone watchOS app and I need to authenticate the user with the web api according to the Oauth 2 flow. I am using ASwebauthenticationsession to provide the user a pop up browser to login. For some reason the base URL, opens up a blank white screen for me. I have tried with other URL's and it works perfectly fine, it is only this URL that doesn't work. If theres any other way to authenticate as well, please let me know!



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You need to add the key to the entitlements file so that your app can make network requests. This issue has nothing to do with Spotify, or even watchOS, specifically. 

We are able to make network requests to other websites and all the websites load perfectly fine. For example, and renders in the watch browser through the ASWebAuthenticationSession. Moreover,  directly clicking on through the messages app does not work as well. It seems to be an issue with the watch browser or the website itself.

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