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Web API 502 error on /me/player/play for a short period after track end

Web API 502 error on /me/player/play for a short period after track end

I am currently building a web application that uses the spotify web API and the web playback SDK. Part of this application is a frontend-side playlist (not spotify playlists). For this I react on 'player_state_changed' events to play the next track in my playlist when the current track ends.

However, when I do this, I always get 502 errors, with no further information (
error Object { status: 502, message: "Bad gateway." })


If I manually execute the exact same call a few seconds later, or include a sleep in my code, the call works. If I check the device status directly before the call, I cannot detect any restrictions.

The API seems to be unable to answer calls for a short moment when a track has ended.

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