[Web API] Creating a new app to avoid rate limits


[Web API] Creating a new app to avoid rate limits


I have created a (desktop) app that actively utilizes Web API.

First versions of the app didn't have 429 response code handling implemented (I thought that it won't be needed, since most of the data was being cached).

Eventually one of the users made ~3k requests in a single day on one of the end-points, which seems to have caused a global response throttling on the app: any request for any user returns a 429 response.

I've made a new version of the app that has a proper handling of 429 response, but I have no way to force every user to update to this new version, so the problem with rate-limits still remains.


- Would it be alright to create a new application (via Dashboard) as a way to force everyone to update their app?

Follow-up questions:
- Are there any recommendations on request per second limits? Understandably,  you can't share the exact numbers (e.g. "if you go above 105.6 rps on this endpoint, you'll get throttled!"), but even some soft number (even if it's much lower than the actual limit) would greatly help to avoid needlessly throttling users (since it doesn't matter much for most users if it's 5rps or 100rps).

- Is there any difference in rate limits between `Authorization Code Flow with PKCE` and plain `Authorization Code Flow`?

- Is there any way to increase rate limit without going commercial? (since my app is in no way commercial).

- Is it allowed to create multiple apps to increase the rate limit? (e.g. by pointing user to a random app during authentication).

Thanks in advance and have a nice day 😃

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