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Web API - Recently Played Next Link Response is Empty

Web API - Recently Played Next Link Response is Empty

My Question or Issue:

I am currently attempting to retrieve all of my recently played tracks up to the start of the day using the get-recently-played endpoint. I am able to get the first 50 tracks, but when attempting to use the "next" property provided in the response I receive an empty "items" list even though the status is 200.

I believe it was working before (maybe a couple weeks ago), not sure if there is something I missed. Any help would be appreciated.


Example for Better Context:


1st Request:

1st Response (partial paste):

Status: 200 OK



  "cursors": {
    "after": "1594094900468",
    "before": "1594064630449"
  "limit": 50,
2nd Request ("next" property):
2nd Response (full paste):
Status: 200 OK
  "items": [],
  "next": null,
  "cursors": null,
  "limit": 50,
Feel free to let me know if more information is needed.
Thank you!
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I am also having this issue using spotify-web-api-node. The first call return the first 50 tracks but using the "next" URL provided responds with a 200 code and empty/null values in "data". 

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