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Web Playback SDK not playing on iOS 15

Web Playback SDK not playing on iOS 15

Web Playback SDK doesn't work on iOS 15.

Works on older iOS versions (tested on 12.5.5, was working on 14) as well as various Android versions.

The playback is transferred to the device in the browser but does not play or resume even when using activateElement / togglePlay as mentioned in the docs.

Minimal reproduction:

Code is following the quick start docs:

Plan: Premium required

Steps to run:

1) Get your access token from the quick start link above and replace in the code
2) Open the Repl in Safari or Chrome on iOS 15 device or emulator
3) From your Spotify app, select the new device that was created in the browser and play a song on it
4) Try toggle play / activate device buttons as suggested by the docs, but they don't make a difference

Any support on this from the Spotify team would be appreciated! Thank you!

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