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Weird size of Embed

Weird size of Embed

Hi there,


I was just following the documentation guide for creating a Embed (iFrame API) in my web app. All works as expected. The only issue comes with the box size of the iFrame, that looks like is bigger than the actual size of it's content.


screenshot showcasing the iframe's computed size and marginscreenshot showcasing the iframe's computed size and margin



The issue persist even when changing the width and height properties of the options parameter for IFrameAPI.createController(). Using CSS for customizing the iframe element doesn't work either.


Any help for sorting this out will be great.


Thanks in advance.




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Hi, i am testing the Spotify iFrame API on a website, can i ask how you got on in installing and running it since your post above?

Any luck @chicoworry? I have this exact same issue of the embed not filling the full height of its own element. In my case, I'd like the Spotify card to extend into the blue space in your screenshot.

its deff broken. i just wrap the <iframe> in another <div> and set the parent div to a height that i actually want  (prob about 10px more than the height that i want) where the iframe has a height=100% then use overflow: hidden on the parent <div>
it's a workaround that works for me.

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