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Would this be a streaming SDA: Using music track's URL to open Spotify

Would this be a streaming SDA: Using music track's URL to open Spotify

Would this be considered a streaming SDA:


1. Use the Spotify APIs in an app so that user can search for a song.

2. Embed the song's URL to a html page whether on web/mobile app.

3. If user clicks on the song's url it opens the Spotify app and plays the song (just like it does on any anchor tag)


Would the above be considered a streaming SDA? 

If not, would it be approved as a non-streaming SDA for a commercial app?


Thanks for your help.

1 Reply

Here are some excerpts from Spotify's Developer Terms:

  • A "Spotify Developer Application” or “SDA” means any application, website or service that accesses the Spotify Service or Spotify Content through, or which incorporates, the Spotify Platform. Please note that Widgets are not included in the definition of an SDA.
  • A Streaming SDA is "an SDA or Approved Device that provides Streaming functionality or some subset of Streaming functionality, regardless of whether it also provides additional functionality."
  • Audio Preview Clips” means 30-second preview clips accessible using the Spotify Platform.
  • Streaming” means using the Spotify Platform to enable playback of sound recordings available through the Spotify Service, including using the Spotify Platform to control a background Spotify application. Please note that the use of (i) Widgets or (ii) Audio Preview Clips, are not included in the definition of Streaming for purposes of these Developer Terms.

So as long as you are not streaming anything more than a preview clip on your app, or streaming tracks on a widget, it is not a Streaming SDA.

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