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Wrong songs are playing from premium account using Spotify SDK

Wrong songs are playing from premium account using Spotify SDK

Hello Team,


We have some technical problems with Premium accounts. We are pulling all songs of a particular playlist into our database and in the mobile app, we are showing a list of songs to play. When we play a song in the free account then correct songs are playing and all things are working fine but the same thing is not working properly in the Premium account. We investigated more and come up with some scenarios and notice the problem in the Spotify app too. Let me explain the scenario here. We found some problems in getting the playlist into a premium account by scanning the QR code of the playlist (no songs display under the playlist and just display previews of songs). When we are scanning the same QR code into the Free account then it's an open playlist and the list of songs is displayed correctly in the Spotify app.


We don't know what an issue here but we tried with 3 different free accounts and it plays correctly but when we tried with 2 premium accounts then the wrong songs are playing. Please help us to resolve this issue.


FYI, We have integrated Spotify SDK ( Also attaching QR code of playlist for your reference.



Promly Team

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