/me/player/recently-played returns only items with context null


/me/player/recently-played returns only items with context null


Hi everyone!


I'm trying to write a small app against the Spotify Web API with which I want to capture the currently active song. If the song is currently playing, I can easily use the /me/player/currently-playing endpoint to get the track and context. If the song is paused, however, this endpoint does only return HTTP 204, same with the /me/player endpoint (even though both in principle have an is_playing flag). This is why I'm trying to fall back to /me/player/recently-played in this case.


However, for all the items in /me/player/recently-played, the context is null, which is unexpected, judging from the documentation: https://developer.spotify.com/documentation/web-api/reference/player/get-recently-played/


This seems to have already been an issue posted by someone else on the old issue tracker (https://github.com/spotify/web-api/issues/966), so I'd thought I'd follow up here.


Just as a clarification: I started playback by clicking "Shuffle" on one of my public playlists. When playing, I can access the context through /me/player/currently-playing. I'm not in offline mode or a private session.


Thank you for your help!


P.S.: If there is a better way to get the currently playing song even if it has been paused for the last few minutes, please let me know as well. I've read the /me/player API documentation, but feel like I've missed some way to do better 🙂

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