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me/tracks consistently returns 502 for user with many liked songs

me/tracks consistently returns 502 for user with many liked songs

Hi, I have a user using my app who has about 48000 liked songs. When I try to make a call to on behalf of the user, i.e., retrieving the latest liked song for the user, I consistently get 502 returned within 600-1000 ms. The threshold before this occurs seems to about around 20000 liked songs. 


I have previously been able to retrieve the liked songs for users who had this amount of songs, so I figure there was a change recently that made it malfunction?


Thanks in advance.



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This is happening for me as well.  I'm trying to hit the /me/tracks endpoint for my own account.  I get frequent 502 errors returned, regardless of the offset or limit query parameters.  I wasn't sure why I couldn't find anyone else having the same problem but you might be onto something with this affecting accounts with over 10,000 liked tracks.  My account has about 16,000.


Any news here 🙂 ?

This is still an issue, will this be addressed by the Spotify team 🙂 ?

This issue has still not been addressed. Do you need any other input to reproduce the error?

Just letting you know that this is still an issue.

This issue is still present, and makes it impossible to fetch liked songs for users with more than 20000 songs. Could you please take a look? 

This is unfortuntaely still not fixed. 😞 

Just bumping this issue as it is still present

Weekly bump 🙂 


FYI I have multiple users with about 20000 songs, and this fails consistently across all of them.

The issue is unfortunately not fixed yet 😞

Could you please look in to this issue? As mentioned, if a person has > 20000 liked songs, the endpoint fails consistently for any offset and limit. 

This is still an issue 😞

This is frustrating me to no end, glad it's not just me I guess?


Anyone found a workaround, like an effective way to maybe split likes into 10k playlists again?  But without the automation even that is tedious..

I tried selecting several thousand like songs to add to an overflow playlist and the add count is usually in the hundreds, so there's a bug with the potential workarounds too.


Hey @Spotify, please take a look just to try to fix or at least address this issue! Thank you.  

Hi Spotify,


Unfortunately, the issue still persists. It would be much appreciated if you could have a look at the issue.


Thanks in advance. 

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