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msPlayed is londer than track.duration_ms

msPlayed is londer than track.duration_ms

I'm working with Spotify streaming data and noticed that for multiple songs the amount of time spent streaming the song is longer than its actual duration, which shouldn't be possible. In most cases, the two numbers are only off by a few milliseconds. I assume this is non-issue reflects loading time or something to that effect. Would that be a correct assumption?


However, for some songs, the difference is quite large, with the largest being a difference of 632,948ms (~14 minutes). I verified that song duration is accurate both in the datafiles and on Spotify itself. What would be the reason for such a large discrepancy here? Is this possible or reflects an error in the streaming history file? I can think of situations where this discrepancy makes sense (e.g., someone started the song over before it finished), but want to check on it regardless.


Anyone know? Thanks for any info someone can share here!

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