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"Required" field can be null

"Required" field can be null

The documentation for this endpoint says the response is a page of SimplifiedAudiobook. The documentation also says the "total_tracks" field is required.

The requests I've made for testing return null, however. This has happened with MANY other endpoints and objects, saying they are "required" and not mentioning thye're nullable (and you wouldn't expect them to be nullable) but they are. I've encountered several of these inconsistencies in the documentation, which is not at all reliable. I know it's based on the OpenAPI schema (which also shows many errors when opened with SwaggerHub). I've just ignored them but I can't anymore: PLEASE fix the documentation, it's amazing how terrible it is. I've come to rely on making the requests to see the response myself, the documentation is so inconsistent and has so many issues that it's mostly unusable since you can't trust it.

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