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spotify.artist("artist_id") cannot run

spotify.artist("artist_id") cannot run

Plan: Free

Country: US


Device: MacBook Pro 2020

Operating System: Mac OS


My Question or Issue:


Hey, I am encountering issues when running commands like spotify.artist("artist_id"). 


spotify is spotipy.Spotify(client_credentials_manager=client_credentials_manager)

and artist_id is got something like "7bXgB6jMjp9ATFy66eO08Z". 


These code could run smoothly earlier today, but now, it just stuck there for very very long time. I have no idea what causes this problem. Thanks for your help!


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Hi @JinJinOnce - sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having with the Artist API. Are you still seeing this problem now? If you are, then is there a similar delay when you request the same artist in another way - like with the developer console? 

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