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I can not pay with the 18app voucher.
He says the voucher is not valid, and does not turn it into a premium spotify code. What should I do?

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Help's arrived, @christian53!


I'm not too familiar with Italy's 18App, but I'll see what I can suggest! Just to make sure, you're trying to generate a voucher following these steps:


Let me know!

Thanks for the reply.
but the problem is that tells me that there is an error in the good 18app, even if I insert the exact figure. I do not convert the 18app voucher into the premium spotify voucher. I've tried more than once

Interesting! Thanks for letting me know, @christian53!


Since the Italian government manages, you may need to reach out to them for any issues with that site ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe there are technical support contacts at the bottom of the homepage! 



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